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Slóð á Trölla - Iceland

Slóð á Trölla-Iceland 
A 550 km route from the southern tip of Cape Dyrhólaey to the northern tip of Hraunhafnartangi at the arctic circle. Through Lava fields, active volcanoes and giant glaciers and rivers.  From the coastline to the tundra and the highlands.

Slóð á Trölla
July 30th, 2011
We were two figures in the midnight sun. Just two figures amongst these giants. The Iceland journey was a desolate one. Not in matters of the land. But in matters of the heart. I felt like I was in a foreign country in my own backyard of thru hiking. A year has passed and I've gone numb. In the first week I didn't feel it anymore. I was a zombie of a walker. No enthusiasm. No excitements. I was out. I guess I was a bit intimidated. Intimidated by what I've done in the passed several years. By my own expectations. I was frozen. But something happened during those days in the Iceland highlands, next to the huge glaciers and pure nothingness of absolute nature. I felt the strange winds. The ferocious winds of the highlands. They hit us again and again. A great struggle to hold. To breathe. When we forded icy cold rivers. When we crossed vast killing fields of lava. I just stood there at the end. Just stood and looked. Right at the arctic circle. Where am I? What is this place? And the wounds and cuts, sweat and dirt. I felt I'm home. Where I belong. Out there. Nowhere. Just in the middle of desolation. Where the winds are the only ruler of things.

It wasn't an easy mental journey for me. The journey of return.

Between all the glaciers. The beautiful lakes and hot springs (and naked Nordic girls in them). Huge lava burial grounds. Great waterfalls and canyons. We were dive bombed by arctic terns and battered by insane winds and midge flies. Now, I dare say that I am no longer in pains. For a lost journey that ended a year ago. For forgotten feelings that I thought will never return.
And yet, sometimes I sit, and sometimes I wonder.
About the tears and smiles, about the joys and cries.
Sometimes...... I just sit and wonder.
How the wind changed, how I became a hiker.

Iceland 2011: 550km.

This cool chick in the picture below tried to vomit on me high up on the cliffs in some really thick bush. I still am trying to figure out what the hell is this thing....

* For any help with logistics and tips and especially the maps and navigation feel free to post me a message with emails and I will try and help. You can also visit Jonathan Ley website which I thank for all the help. As a fellow hiker and a nice person.
* Another very useful link with lots of info and files of maps and GPS points is this blog by Charlie who hiked this in summer 2014. 

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