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A Walk in Cyprus......
April 22nd, 2011
It itches... it burns.... the feeling inside. The craving. In some nights I have my heart pumping with adrenaline as I race over endless icy mountain passes and through countless giant forests in my dreams.
I wake up to a reality unknown. Order, society, complexity, normal.
It's been long. Months over months since I've finished. Infinite time for a hiker. Forever for me. Away from the wild and trails. Now it is the time for a new reality. Now, I return.

I've been busy for a long time now. I got a bit lost. A bit too focused. It was just in a spur of the moment that I've decided to go to the neighbor island and hike. Just hike. I found nice and familiar scenery, great warm people and a bit of peace and quiet.

It was frustrating to have the mental capabilities of a thru hiker but to have the rustiness of an every day person. The mind pushes much harder and forward than the body wants and can.
I just walked. It was roads between the Troodos mountains and along the coastline. And I walked. Just walked.

I was afraid of the moment I will start. Of being out there again. As a drifter. I was afraid I'll be too programmed. Acting like a robot. Lacking of a real joy and butterflies like it was in the first time, when everything was such a new experience.
It's not like it used to be. It is just the pure enjoyment of walking. In nature, in a country. Just the basics. I don't need much. I need life. In all its forms. Just life. A thru hiker of life.

Now onwards to Iceland and my studies.... I'm back!

A walk in Cyprus: 205km

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