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Pacific Crest Trail - USA

The Pacific Crest Trail (also known as the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail) is a long-distance mountain hiking and equestrian trail that runs in Washington, Oregon, and California between Mexico and Canada. Zigzagging along 4286 km (or 2663 miles, up to Manning park B.C), the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) boasts the greatest elevation changes of any of America's National Scenic Trails, allowing it to pass through six out of seven of North America's Eco-zones including high and low desert, old-growth forest and arctic-alpine country. From scorching desert valleys in Southern California to rain forests in the Pacific Northwest, the PCT has been a dream of mine for years. Finally, its coming true.
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Day 0
May 1st, 2010
The days since the Hawaiian islands exploration have passed peacefully and quietly here in Michael's place in San Francisco. The re-organization, the rest, the mental preparation.
It is all done now. I'm in Girlscout's place now, In San Diego. It's the middle of the night and I can't sleep. In a few hours I will begin my journey. The most magical one of the them all. I already got a taste of what's ahead.... The trail angels. Amazing!
Tomorrow, 7 AM, I'm at the Mexican border. The time has come..... 4 and a half months to go....

Southern California - The Desert
May 2nd, 2010
I've started. It's strange. I'm on the PCT. Not even close to what I imagined. The hike was not easy for me today. I'm rusty. I'm excited and nervous. Met some hikers that I might group with for a few days. They are nice. I'm pleased with this day. It's a historic day for me. The day I've started the PCT.
Days: 1. Distance: 32 km
May 4th, 2010
Wow... This month since New Zealand really took its toll on me. I'm rusty!
I have been hiking with John (Mule), Shannon and Jake. Its a lot of fun. Sometimes I hike alone but we meet at evening time. I'm getting into the hike. Just hiking a nature trail. Like it was back there in NZ with ToeK. I've learned so much from him. Its amazing how much. This trail will be pure joy! Its my dream... And my wood stove is great!
Starting to see snow?? Some desert this is turning out to be... It is still in the distance but it is getting closer. The San Jacinto range. First Challenge?
Days: 3. Distance: 95 km.

May 7th, 2010
Got to Warner Springs. Last few days were all desert. Hot and dry. Saw a lot of lizards and rattle snakes. This morning I arrived to the famous Eagle rock. Pretty exciting being next to the first real famous spot on the PCT. Still doesn't feel real. I am starting to get the feeling of the trail. I hitched to the small town of Julian the other day and ate a stake!! Yum! A lot of Cactus and beautiful flowers. No wonder with this late spring this year. Well... my luck I guess. Camping on the local church yard. No way I'm staying in a motel!
Days: 6. Distance: 177 km.

May 10th, 2010
Been having strange dreams in the last few nights. Same dreams from NZ only now it is about the PCT. What's going on??? I'm lucky to have this trail to clear my thoughts. The hike turned a bit into a race. A race towards nothing. No! I won't let it happen. Not on this trail. I will walk in my own way even if I don't walk with anyone anymore. Getting rid of old habits hey?
I told my plans to Mule and Shannon. They actually agreed! So, Now its better. Hooray!
The snowy peaks of the San Jacinto range are really close. We got the supplies and ate a good lunch in Idyllwild, and then got back to the trail. Now We got a real challenge in the next few days. Exciting! Hope We make it with no problems.
Days: 9. Distance: 249 km.

May 14th, 2010
Coming down from Fuller ridge today. Down to the desert floor. I have never seen or hiked so many switchbacks in my life!!!! Who the hell planned this part of the trail?? a donkey?
We traversed the San Jacinto range! A lot of snow. No trail. Bushwhacking for real! The views were incredible. So much snow. A big surprise for me. I didn't expect it here in the desert. Lots of the hikers got scared and quit or detoured on roads. That's no way to hike a trail....God, So much adrenalin. From Apache peak to Fuller ridge, I found my way through the snowy slops and finally ended up on Black Mountain Rd. just a few miles off the PCT. We just camped last night in the middle of nowhere, and We were pretty tired. Not easy days. I'm also a bit hungry...
We are now in the "town" of Cabazon. What a shit-hole. I'm learning the art of fast food. Load up on Calories! McDonald's Dollar Menu... Good old disgusting greasy burgers.
Days: 13. Distance: 338 km.
May 15th, 2010
Last night was the first official weird night on the PCT. After stuffing ourselves with junk food, We took the advice of a local (???) Indian guy, which I could hardly understand because of his Indian accent, and camped on the police station lawn. Yes, We did that..... And at 1 AM, after 30 police cars that drove by and hadn't noticed us (Great work Cabazon police!) I got a flash light to the face. The other hand on the gun. And then a deep and angry voice: "What the hell are you doing on my lawn???". It was the local deputy Sheriff.I tried to explain that We are hiking the PCT and some idiot told us to camp here. He thought I was drunk. But then he got all excited about the PCT and wouldn't shut up for half an hour! I wanna sleep you goose! He let us stay but told us to split in the morning. The night is over??.... NO. 4 AM the sprinklers started working.... Damn this town! So, not much sleep and a bit wet. Didn't do many miles today. Was hot as hell and We were tired from not sleeping. The talks with Mule and Shannon are great! Good friends...
Days: 14. Distance: 352 km.

May 18th, 2010
Got to Big Bear city. I hate towns....Last few days were a bit sad. I wanted to walk alone. Don't know why. The views switched from scorching desert to forest and snow again on the San Bernardino crest. Even got some trail magic with candies and sodas and a couch in the middle of the forest! I had most of the day today to do nothing. I managed to write her a letter. I miss NZ a bit. She is cute! Tomorrow I'm back on the trail!
Days: 17. Distance: 428 km.

May 22nd, 2010
These damn dreams are driving me crazy... Last few nights I've been having problems sleeping. Thinking about the Ex. Thinking about the Technion. Thinking about her. What the hell is this? I saw some hikers skinning a rattle snake in one of the hot springs on the trail. It was still alive! I hope they rot in hell. Why abuse it I don't understand. People are crap sometimes. I'm starting to be in pretty good shape. My body and soul are pushing forward more than I should. But I'm trying to hold my pace... For now. That snake's carcass is still in my mind. God damn Baboons.
Got to the edge of the Baden Powell range. Weather is cold and damped.
Days: 21. Distance: 563 km.

May 23rd, 2010
An incredible and unexpected day. Hiked in a light snow storm and got some amazing views of the snowy peaks on one side and the hot desert floor on the other side of the crest. Amazing.
At the end of the day We found ourselves in the town of Wrightwood where We accidentally stumbled upon a party in honors of one of the town's beloved people that passed away a week before. His name was Pete. They embraced us, fed us! and gave us drinks. At the end of the evening, Jim, Pete's brother, took us into his family home and let us shower and rest. I decided to give something back. I'm taking a picture of Pete with me all the way to Canada. From one hiker to another. Jim was really moved by this... Now I have to get to Canada. Another people are counting on me.
Days: 22. Distance: 595 km.
May 28th, 2010
Today, when I stood on one of the ranges, I saw it. The Mojave desert. Perhaps, for the first time since I started, I felt it for real. I'm on the PCT. After hiking the big detour in one day (30+ miles of roads... YUK!) I got to the famous trail angels of Agua Dulce. The Sauflies. I'm in the middle of the kickoff herd. The big big group of hikers. Met the first Israelis of the trail. They are nice.
Coming out of the Sauflies, I expected warm and dry weather since it is the beginning of the Mojave. But instead I got rain and winds. Again I ask... Desert??? I'm hiking only with Shannon now. We have plans to go to his parents place in Ridgecrest, near Walker pass. Just before the Sierra Nevada. I'm starting to feel it. They are getting closer and closer.
Days: 27. Distance: 784 km.

May 30th, 2010
I hiked the Mojave! Full moon, great weather. What more can I ask. We took cover from the scorching sun in Hiker Town. Which was one of the weirdest places I've seen. And in the early evening We started hiking. We met several hikers doing the same thing. Oh man,.... I hiked the Mojave!
Days: 29. Distance: 861 km.

June 1st, 2010
Tehachapi pass. The end of the desert. The beginning of the Sierra Nevada. I'm here. I'm really here. I'm on the PCT! Hooray!
Days: 31. Distance: 917 km.

June 5th, 2010
Shannon was acting really nasty in the last week or so. He is a loner. I get it. But he can be so rude sometimes! I got sick of it. We met a lot of hikers in the last few days. And he acted so rudely to everybody. But when he started acting like that towards me I snapped. I screamed at him with pure rage. I had a lot inside to take out. And it was all on him. Maybe things will change. He is not a bad guy at all. Just made a mistake. We'll see. I saw a beautiful deer in one of the foggy mornings. Another hiker saw a young bear. We are in the beginning of the Sierras alright. We got to Walker pass, We saw the high Sierras waiting for us. Covered with snow. High peaks. Beautiful peaks. Just waiting. There was a big Bar-B-Q at Walker pass with Warner Springs Monty and Yogi and other famous characters of the PCT. Yum! Even got a ride to Shannon's parents home. Feels a bit weird being here. Being in a home. A few zero days and getting gear for the Sierras. Quarter of the PCT done. Now comes the main course.
Days: 35. Distance: 1049 km.
June 9th, 2010
Preparations, preparations, preparations. That's what happened in the last few days. I got my new GPS and everything is set for the high Sierras! I got a notice from back home that I got my Masters diploma. Life goes on without me I guess.... I'm back on the PCT! Let's go to the Sierras!
Days: 39. Distance: 1049 km.

Central California - The Sierra Nevada
June 11th, 2010
What an excitement! I'm in Kennedy Meadows! I'm going into the heart of the high Sierras! All around me I'm hearing about bear sightings. Why am I the only one not seeing any bears?!?! Annoying! I talked to some of the Kiwi hikers. They are great... Well, they are kiwis after all. They were amazed that I just finished thru hiking the Te Araroa. The scenery is changing so dramatically. I'm in for a real treat...
Days: 41. Distance: 1131 km.
June 14th, 2010
The beginning. What a great beginning. The mountain passes are getting higher in elevation. The scenery of snowy mountains all over the place. Perfect nature. I met the famous Billi Goat again. He wants to come and hike the Israel National Trail!
Yesterday We got to Lone Pine for the first resupply of the high Sierra. I found a treasure in the hiker box! So much gear! I can open a shop... Last night We camped in the town but didn't get much sleep. I hate sleeping in towns! Today We finally got back to the trail but didn't manage to hike. Oh, well... for now We got time. No rush. Rumors say that there is not much snow on the trail. We'll see. I'm talking a lot with Shannon. He is a good friend.
Days: 44. Distance: 1199 km.

June 17th, 2010
Amazing days. Plain and simple, just amazing days. We're back in Lone Pine for eating and resupplying after going over Forester pass and Kearsarge pass. There are a lot of hikers here. Seamus and the bunch, Fidget, Rif-raf and Frog. They are all nice. I can't even begin to describe the last days.... For days like this I go on a thru hike! Perfect snowy mountains and mountain passes, beautiful forests. I hiked in deep snow fields, crossed creeks and rivers, climbed on boulders. Navigation, crampons, ice axe, high altitudes. I rule them all. My technique is very high. After all I've been through so far this year, it better be. And finally the scenery.... Oh, god, the scenery. Nature in it most perfect form. I feel so alive! I hope it lasts for ever...
Days: 47. Distance: 1271 km.
June 20th, 2010
50 days. 50 days have passed. We are over Glen pass and Pinchot pass. I'm starting to get very hungry. I don't know if I have enough. I am starting to save up on food cause I don't have anywhere to resupply for days. I'm more tired because of this. Still haven't seen any bears. No wonder with so much snow all over the place. We started crossing some bigger rivers. I knew that this will be the issue in the Sierras and not the snow. Naturally I remembered the rivers on NZ. Those where some mighty rivers. How much did I learn from that trail. Maybe in years to follow after this, I will understand just how much. In these moments I miss ToeK and NZ.
Days: 50. Distance: 1307 km.

June 22th, 2010
Over Mather Pass and Muir Pass. I'm so, so hungry. I'm hiking with full force ahead. Nothing will break me. Endless amounts of snow just add to the difficulty but also to the magnificent scenery. Mather pass was the best. A true ascend and descend to a mountain pass. Rocky and steep. A lot of deers and marmots, but still no bears! We just got to Evolution creek. Now We start the rivers crossings. The next Challenge. The mountain passes are going down in altitude. Kings Canyon national park. Incredible. I'm so, so hungry....
Days: 52. Distance: 1368 km.
June 28th, 2010
I'm in Yosemite. What a closure. I'm in Yosemite. 5 years after that night in Yosemite valley. After that night that I've heard about the John Muir Trail. How amazed I was back then that there are trails of hundreds of miles. And where am I today. Hiking the PCT. We crossed the major creeks and got to some food sources finally. We were weak. Shannon is exhausted. We talked a lot in the last days and I told him I think it is time for me to hike on my own. Nothing is wrong. It is just an inner feeling of a hiker. So, from here on I'm solo. We met some hikers that skipped the high Sierra. The look on their faces when they saw us means just this. Triumph! The high Sierra is over. But the trail is still long and challenging. Nothing will stop me now....I'm in Yosemite! The granite cliffs, the waterfalls. I'm solo. I'm great.
Days: 58. Distance: 1527 km.

July 1st, 2010
What a stunning ending to the glaciated mountains of the Sierra Nevada!!! I got to Sonora pass. The end of Yosemite. The end of the granite glaciated mountains. What a rush! Yosemite was flooded. Still a lot of snow. Frozen lakes and amazing rivers. The rivers. The rivers were not easy. I hiked with Dreams in the last few days. A great hiker. Had a lot of fun. One of the best things were that I finally saw bears!!! A mom and a cub!
But today... Today was the highlight of the PCT so far. The ridge walk to Sonora pass. To the right you see the high glacier mountains and to the left you see the Volcanoes. Another chapter is done. A new one begins. What a thrill.....
Days: 61. Distance: 1640 km.
July 5th, 2010
So funny sometimes how things turn out on these trails. The snow is still here and with full force. Starting to get a bit annoying. I was in a crappy mood since I left Sonora pass. I don't know why. I miss home a bit. At least the feeling of home. The volcanic terrain is just beautiful. Such a diverse trail. Spectacular views and ridge walks. PCT style. I met Avo. A fellow hiker. He is fast! and really nice. Camped with him for the last 2 nights. I'm now in Bruce's house in lake Tahoe. I met him yesterday on the trail and We talked and I was invited to come and rest in his home and resupply in the town. I death marched this morning to get to the highway where he was waiting for me! I showered! After 27 days! Hooray! I ate...and I ate.... and I ate! I'm ready to press on forward. I've been pacing it up and been doing 25 to 30 miles per day now. After watching the fireworks of the 4th of July from the PCT yesterday. Tonight is all about Bar-B-Q and sleeping in a bed. Daf got my postcard. Right on her birthday. I wish I could see her. I wish she was here.
Days: 65. Distance: 1759 km.

July 10th, 2010
Snow, snow and.... more snow! Enough with the snow! Great days of panoramic views on lake Tahoe and amazing volcanic cliffs. I really started to pace up. I've been doing the 30 miles and more per day. It is tiring. I miss mom. It is not easy. I'm lucky to have her. I'm gonna write her a letter. Some things just don't come out in conversation. I sent Daf a letter. With some Daf inside. I hope she gets it soon. I miss her. I don't know her but I do know her. Weird. Finally I got new shoes. But these trail runners look like a bad choice. I hope they hold. Life is good!
Days: 70. Distance: 1971 km.

July 13th, 2010
End of the Sierra Nevada. I got to Belden. Looks like there is no more snow. At least for now. I'm in lower altitudes now. The days are long and I'm a bit tired of it. I guess 3 thru hikes a year is not the easiest thing. 30 miles a day is now a standard. Pressing forward. I visited new trail angels in Buck's lake. Nancy was amazing. Ate a lot of course. Sometimes I feel I'm hiking fast just to get to another source of food. End of the Sierra... The cascades are in front. I can see Lassen!
Days: 73. Distance: 2095 km.
Northern California - The Cascades
July 15th, 2010
Crossed the mid point of the PCT today. Such a weird feeling. Already? half done? Its going fast. Too fast. The mid point was just in the forest. Nothing special. Nothing unique. Beautiful forest. Beautiful ridge. Beautiful routine. Caught up with the lead group of the trail for this year. I guess I hiked pretty fast in the last few weeks. My plan is going well....
Days: 75. Distance: 2179 km.
July 18th, 2010
The people that I meet on this trail are just amazing. I stopped at Old Station's trail angels for a day after a real horror day of getting lost and hiking 36 miles. I needed a break. I met Denis. I talked to Denis. For hours and hours. He was a sound-man in the 70's! Hendrix! Janis Joplin! Sabbath!!!! I needed this break. For real. I'm just in heaven now.... Got back to the trail this afternoon. Time to continue hiking. Mt. Shasta is visible already.
Days: 78. Distance: 2231 km.

July 25th, 2010
A week have passed in northern California. Another week on the amazing Cascades. Lassen, Shasta, Castle Crag, The Trinity Alps. How could nature be so beautiful? I got some pains in my feet. Hiking anyway. I won't stop. I've toughened up a lot this year. The time of hiking on my own changed me. I'm going from total focus on my target to total melt down and giving up. Thinking too much!!! Thoughts, they hunt me. A lot of thinking about home and the day after the trail. So much more to go and I'm already thinking about this. Home sick?? Maybe, Don't think so. Maybe mom sick....I miss Tom and Roee. Oregon is getting closer. Today I had a big surprise! Seamus! A hiker I met back in the days in the SoCal deserts suddenly appeared and told me he has been trying to catch me for weeks now! I'm really glad he succeeded. He is a cool guy and a great hiker! Maybe We'll hike together for a few days. This is just great!
Days: 85. Distance: 2522 km.
July 28th, 2010
My wounds are getting worse. It is a real pain. I'm still hiking. Seamus turned out to be a great hiking partner and We decided to hike Oregon together. Hope I can keep up cause he is fast. We got to the town of Etna and organized and planned the Oregon part of the PCT. Food packages are a pain in the ..... I hate bureaucracies so much. We met some hikers in town and even Halfmile! I just love his maps of the PCT. Only this afternoon We got back to the trail. So good to be back on the trail! Hope that the PCT will remain as intense as it was so far....
Days: 88. Distance: 2602 km.

July 31st, 2010
End of California. California is done. Last days on the way to the Cali-Oregon border where painful. I hike. I do the miles. I will hike no matter what. I hiked alone mostly cause I could not keep up the pace with Seamus. Today, late in the afternoon, I crossed the Cali-Oregon border, alone. 3 months have passed and the California part is over. A bit nervous, a bit excited. A lot of motivation. I hope that Oregon will be at least as beautiful. Its going to be fast and furious. Now is the time to press on and pace up even more. I'm gonna make it on time. This plan is for real now. And Cali? What can I say about California that hasn't been said already?
The deserts, the mountains, the Sierra Nevada, the Cascades. The snow, rivers, wildlife and people. God... the wonders my eyes have witnessed....
Days: 91. Distance: 2746 km.

Oregon - Mosquitoes and Flat?
August 1st, 2010
First day in Oregon went very well. I hiked fast. Got to Ashland with the help of Lee Ann that gave me a ride. She took me in and helped me with resupplying and everything I needed. We started talking. Just talking away. Just to realize it is already evening and We are still talking! What a sweet sweet girl. It has been a while since I met someone I can really talk to. Of course I managed to get some food (Well, not real one. Fast food of course) and she gave me a ride back to the trail. I hope We keep in touch. I'm hiking alone now. Don't know where Seamus is. Probably stayed in Ashland. I hope to meet him again.
Days: 92. Distance: 2784 km.

August 4th, 2010
Seamus showed up again. I was beginning to think he is in front and all of a sudden he appeared. Since I feel much better with my feet I hope I can keep up the pace from here on. After a few days in a green tunnel and flat (Really flat) terrain We got to Crater lake. The mosquitoes attacked us in the last 2 days in masses. Horrible swarms of mosquitoes. Yuk! I got the package from my mom! Gave me a feeling of home again. The smell of the spice from back home. Nothing like it in the world. A lot of emotions as I read the letter from mom. Tomorrow will be a highlight. I can just feel it. Crater lake.
Days: 95. Distance: 2945 km.

August 8th, 2010
Started with an amazing day hiking on Crater lake rim and onwards to mt. Thielsen, We continued to a bit of a boring stretch with no real scenery. A green tunnel most of the time. We're getting spoiled. Seamus and I are becoming real good friends. I respect him a lot. He is a really interesting person. A great hiking partner. He has traveled so much so far in his life. Incredible.
The other night I met this old woman. 80 year old woman to be precise. She is hiking the PCT! She wants to complete it before she dies. Now that is a schedule. What an inspiration.... She reminded me of what is really important here. It is to hike the PCT and not to keep up with schedule. Oregon is flying by. We are moving very fast. Mostly to run away from the mosquitoes.
Days: 99. Distance: 3154 km.
August 9th, 2010
Day 100. 2000 miles (almost). What a celebration. What a perfect day. The three sisters wilderness with all its glory. What a perfect day. Seamus and I have great discussions during the day. Great to hike with him. Soon We'll reach Washington. Soon the trail is over. A bit scary. I have no idea how I will handle the end. In the mean time I'm still living on this amazing trail. My birthday is near. My 30th birthday. On the Cascades. On my beloved Volcanoes. On the PCT.
Days: 100. Distance: 3203 km.
August 15th, 2010
Oregon ended with a thrill. From Three fingered Jack, mt. Jefferson and mt. Washington to mt. Hood and eventually the Columbia river. The descend to the Bridge of the Gods. On the trail of the Gods. The PCT. Oregon was much more scenic than I expected. Just beautiful. I'm tired now. I got 500 miles to go. Now for the finishing touch. Now I move to Washington.
Days: 106. Distance: 3468 km.
Washington - Trail of the Gods, the Cascades, Oh... the Cascades...
August 19th, 2010
Started with beautiful rain forests and old growth and turned into the familiar endless pine forests, Washington in much steeper than We got used to in Oregon and NoCal. I missed these roller-coasters! (ups and downs) We are still moving very fast. Washington is just beautiful. Of course We got the usual weirdos on the trail. We had a day where a native American woman yelling at us for picking berries and then she decided I'm the messiah when she heard I'm a Jew from Israel. Well, at least We got food... Next was a real creep that gave us a ride and started telling us he communicates with aliens and spirits. He knew all about government conspiracies and alien races. Very interesting... I found it amusing. Seamus thought he is a potential serial killer. Oh well..., Life on the trail! We just got passed mt. Adams (or as the "alien whisperer" calls it :" ET mountain") and into Goat Rocks wilderness. Tomorrow is my birthday. Its strange and beautiful and special.
Days: 110. Distance: 3664 km.

August 20th, 2010
I almost cried this evening. I got the perfect birthday I've ever had. The Goat Rocks are probably the highlight of the PCT along with the Sonora pass ridge. Nothing I'll write can describe my feelings when I stood there and saw mt. St. Helen, mt. Adams and mt. Rainier. When I saw just how beautiful this trail is. The weather was just perfect. My day was just perfect. When We got to White pass later in the day, Seamus bought some birthday cookies and We celebrated with a few other hikers We met. Dylen and Jessy. Redwood, a PCT hiker from 2003 took us to his room in the lodge! Cookies and beer. A great ending to a great day. I'm 30. I'm 3. 3 years since it all started. For real.
Days: 111. Distance: 3708 km.
August 23rd, 2010
A lot of PUDS (pointless ups and downs). A lot of fog and a bit of rain. Now We feel its a thru hike! Well, at least I do. Days like these build you as a long distance hiker. How beautiful nature can be when there are flaws in the perfect clear scenery. Magnificent. We got to Snoqualmie pass this afternoon and Seamus's dad picked us up. We are now in Seattle. Taking a Zero. The last Zero. And then its all the way to Canada. Its all going so fast. I'm not ready yet. I'm clean!
Days: 114. Distance: 3866 km.

August 26th, 2010
Got back to the trail. The zero in Seattle was nice. We had a Bar-B-Q and met people and just chilled. I got a flight back to Israel. I don't want to deal with this for now. I still have time. Great scenery going up on the Cascades from Snoqualmie pass, although today the rain and fog were back. Well, its life on the trail I guess. There is something magical about being in your tent while its poring rain outside. Kinda lost Seamus since Yesterday. He is probably a few miles ahead. I'll catch him. Good night!
Days: 117. Distance: 3961 km.

August 27th, 2010
A disaster. A night from hell. That's what I had. I woke up after an hour just to discover that I am in a swamp. Everything is soaking wet. The small hill I camped on collapsed and all my stuff including myself got wet. It was high in altitude and very cold. Crap. I stuffed everything as it is in my pack and I split. I hiked further to keep warm and found 2 trees and a rock as a "shelter". I just "slept" on the rock with my poncho on me. Just waiting for morning. Eventually morning came and I got to Steven's pass. To the highway and hitched to Skykomish. To the last trail angels of the PCT. The Dinsmors. I had to dry myself and my stuff. I was tired. I managed to catch Seamus in the grocery and We agreed to take the rest of the day off and continue tomorrow. I need a break. What a crap night. Well... Another ordeal I got out of. I'm getting to be an expert in getting out of crappy and dangerous situations, hey?
Days: 118. Distance: 3983 km.

August 31st, 2010
We are in Stehiken. The last town/resort on the PCT. Got Toek his birthday present. From here its Canada. 3 days to go. The last 4 days were just beautiful. We went through the glacier peak wilderness and it was just spectacular. No detours for us! We are thru-hikers. Still a lot of rain and fog but it gave the hike such a mystical feeling. I really liked it. Great ascents and descents, huge gorges, glaciers, mist, rain, sun, blue skies. We had it all. And maybe the best part was that We saw a lot of bears!!!!!
I just adore the bears. The are pretty scared of us. Well... I guess I would be too if I could see myself in the mirror. We stink! Now for the grand finale. The Northern Cascades.
Days: 122. Distance: 4152 km.
September 2nd, 2010
Its the last night on the PCT. Tomorrow, Canada. It has been a wonderful couple of days. A great celebration of clear blue skies and amazing scenery of the Northern Cascades. Such beauty and ruggedness. Almost all was a ridge hike. Just as We got used to on this trail.
The sky is clear but the heart is covered with mist. The feeling is not yet real. No real thoughts about the end. We can see into Canada. Tomorrow... We're there. Am I ready for this? Don't know. Every ending of a dream is hard. Tomorrow... It is done.
Days:124. Distance: 4245 km.

September 3rd, 2010
And thus, without any warning, it ended. In the middle of the forest, between the crests. 1:53 PM, Us-Canadian border. The end of the Pacific Crest Trail.
It was a beautiful day. A crashing and mind blowing finale. Till the last minute. My mind was empty, thoughts about nothing. Seamus's sis and mom picked us up from Manning park BC and within a few hours we were back in Seattle. Everything seems so strange. So unreal. As if nothing is over yet. Tomorrow morning it will hit me. Maybe only in a few days.
Days: 125. Distance: 4286 km.
Final Thoughts
It is very hard to describe what goes on in a thru hiker's heart and soul when it is done. Still haven't really processed things. The trail is over. Now the falling into a black void. In the mean time it is less worse than I expected.
This is also the end of a year around the world. My first journey around the world. A journey within myself. Nothing will ever be the same again. Maybe one day I will fully comprehend what I've been through. I did a triple. I'm a thru hiker.
They called me Yeti, they called me Death Marcher, they called me Grizzly Heart. I'm just me.
I lived, I died. And at the end, the only thing remained, was the raging wind on those icy white mountains. Now comes the darkness..............
The Pacific Crest Trail, 4285 km, complete.
The End

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